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The Complete Guide to Scope of Digital Marketing in 2022

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Introduction: What is Digital Marketing and how it is Evolving?

Digital marketing is the process of using digital channels to reach consumers and influence their behavior.

Digital marketing Courses in Pune help to evolve with the emergence of new technologies. It has become more interactive and personalized, with a focus on customer experience.

The Indian e-commerce market is rising to Rs 8 trillion by 2024 due to the pandemic and frequent lockdowns. Digital marketing is growing at a rapid pace and it is not slowing down anytime soon. It has become more complex, more data-driven, and more dependent on technology. The digital marketing landscape has changed dramatically in the last few years. The Digital Marketing Institute in Vashi gives a helping hand to its students to understand this landscape.

 The industry is now dominated by digital giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Alibaba. These companies are using their power to control the market and dictate how brands should advertise their products.

The Role of AI & Voice Search in Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence has the capacity to study the user- behavior patterns. It results in more audience engagement as the users see content according to their interests that keeps them hovering over the website.

Voice Search is the immediate go-to step in the SEO hub. Voice Search helps us to drive traffic to our website if people are aware of it. Also it allows us to quickly respond to customer queries. More users are getting accustomed to the use of virtual assistants & smart speakers to surf the internet. This has changed the way we used to operate the internet.

Let’s dig deep to understand their roles:

Role of AI:

1.   Predict Strategies for Effective Marketing:

In case of implementing new strategies or making use of some past strategies, some level of judgment or speculation is required. By making use of AI, we can identify buyer behavior/ patterns for coming up with advertising ideas, running ads on google for  more reach & improving brand image or awareness.

2.   Customer Insights:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps marketers to formulate future plans for increasing sales. By integrating customer insights marketers get not only rich but quality data. Over here insights refers to how optimally a particular content is performing. Insights will help us to understand how well a piece of content is accepted by the audience & plan accordingly.

3.   Track performance of campaign:

Firms who have implemented AI, keep a close track of their campaigns. Digital Marketers can also take note of different campaigns going on in a variety of posts. It lets them know what type of content will work & which one needs changes. By using a bit of creative side marketers can improve their awareness & increase their revenue digits.

Role of Voice Search:

1.   Brings more store visits:

 Voice Search is mainly used for finding nearby shops, restaurants & other required places. By making use of voice search, users get prompt replies to queries & implement their purchases. For more effective use of google, you can list your business on local listings section of google i.e. Google My Business (GMB). This helps to capture local audiences & creates an image in the eyes of people.

2.   Increases Website Traffic:

When users implement Voice Search they are directed to local listings or websites of the searched shop, restaurant etc. The use of Voice Search is unpredictable. We never know when users will use it. They can be used while traveling, shopping, etc which brings them to our website or local listings. That helps in increasing traffic.

  1. Interactive in Nature:

Voice Searches are conversational in nature. They always keep the semantics of queries. The user is able to ask questions and get answers on the spot. It is a more natural way for people to search for information because they don’t have to type in keywords or phrases, which are often ambiguous.

How Social Media is Changing the Game for Digital Marketers

Social media is the new word of mouth for digital marketers. It’s where people are spending their time and it’s the best way to get your content in front of them.

Marketers who are successful on social media have one thing in common: they know how to engage with their followers. More than just posting, they’re building relationships with their audience. They’re also listening and responding to what they hear, which means they’re able to more effectively communicate with them and understand their needs.

Being empathetic in business means being sensitive about our customer’s needs. The main point about empathy is that maintaining a relationship between your brand & customers. This gives the customers a feel of the genuineness of the brand. Responding to customer complaints, reviews & any other concerns about the brand increases audience engagement & word-of-mouth publicity increases too. Social media has changed the way companies promote and market their products, services, and brands. In the past, companies had to rely on expensive marketing campaigns to build awareness for their brand. Nowadays, customers are looking up at social media platforms as a primary source of information and communication with companies. They can see what people are saying about the company on Twitter or read reviews of the company on Yelp before they decide whether or not they want to buy something from them. Digital marketers who understand how to use social media can reach potential customers without relying on more expensive advertising methods like radio ads or TV commercials.

Social Media bridges the gap between the customer & the brand. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter have compelled people to be in the feeds of customers’ social accounts. Big brands like Amazon, Flipkart etc use extremely well-thought strategies to be in the minds of the customers every time they use their phones. That exactly is the main agenda of companies to use the time of customers on their pages or websites.

Scope of Digital Marketing in 2022

The scope of digital marketing is changing rapidly. It is not easy to predict the scope of Digital Marketing in 2022, but we can be certain that it will be as important then as it is now. It has become a necessity for any business to have a digital marketing strategy in place. The future of digital marketing will be more about using data and analytics to understand customer behavior and then use that information to create personalized experiences for each customer.

Some important points to consider regarding the scope of digital marketing are:

  1. Salaries: The world functions on money. Every person who would want to make a career in digital marketing would first think of salaries offered in this field. So in India, the average salary offered to digital marketing professionals is 4L per annum. This can be a very generic number as every company & every potential employee have their own policies & skills respectively.
  1. It serves multiple purposes: Digital marketing is a multi-functional area. It serves purposes like lead generation, customer acquisition, customer engagement & customer retention. By contributing in all of these activities the monetary benefit increases substantially for companies. It brings a huge amount of revenue for them. By keeping a track of these activities excellent strategies can be formulated to increase the brand image in the market.
  1. Online Reputation Management: When talking about scope of digital marketing, Online Reputation Management (ORM), can play an extremely important role. In this, a separate department can be established so as to give prompt replies to customer responses. Via ORM, the customers remain in close vicinity with the company. It generates brand loyalty among the customers & brand. Customers also feel a sense of belonging towards the company.
  1. Diverse options to choose from: When coming up with marketing strategies, the company can choose from a variety of methods. The company can decide whether to perform SEO activities, that too on- page or off page, or run paid ads on social media & google, or even shift to traditional marketing for that matter. But if compared, traditional marketing will always be more expensive than digital marketing. So if you see decision making is an important aspect in digital marketing.
  1. Digital is the new key: The digital age has changed the way people live their lives. It has made it easier for companies to connect with their customers. Digital marketers are now able to promote products and services on various channels such as through email campaigns or through social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Digital marketing is not just about advertising, it’s about understanding your customers and their needs and wants. It is an umbrella term that encompasses all of the activities involved in promoting products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the internet.
  1. Apt use of content marketing: This strategy can work really well for the company. Due to content marketing we get the following benefits:
  2. Higher SERP rankings.
  3. Lead generation & Higher conversion rate
  4. Audience Retention
  5. Positive Image in the minds of people.
  6. Generates Industry Authority.
  1. Creation of Loyal Customer base: The goal of digital marketing is to create a loyal customer base by providing them with the information they need to make an informed decision about your products or services. It brings you to a wide audience which helps you define a brand voice. Also a loyal customer base allows you for 2 way communication.
  1. Gives accurate data: Digital marketing is a powerful tool that can be used to generate accurate data. It can help businesses understand their target audience and provide them with the necessary information to make informed decisions. Based on this data available, companies can formulate region based or city based targeting.

How to Use Technology to Create Engaging Content that Drives Conversions

It has been seen time and again that content drives conversions. The more engaging the content, the more likely it is to drive conversion. But what kind of content is engaging? Well, there are many different types of engaging content – so it varies from person to person. Here are a few examples:

– Anecdotes: Stories about your life or other people’s lives that provide a personal connection with your reader

– Visuals: Pictures, graphs or visuals can be used to engage readers

– Videos: Whether you’re using Youtube or another platform for uploading videos, people enjoy videos which provide a value in the video.

– Voice Search: As mentioned above, voice search is being used extensively & will continue to do so. It not only increases website traffic but also gives higher audience engagement.

Conclusion: The Future of Digital Marketing in recent years

Digital marketing is changing at a rapid pace. It will be interesting to see how it will change in the coming years.

The future of digital marketing in 2022 is difficult to predict, but there are certain developments that can be expected. For example, the use of AI in digital marketing may continue to grow and become more sophisticated. Digital marketers will also have an increased need for data analytics skills as they work with more data and less human input.

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