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The most common problem with beginner guitarists is impatience. If you want to learn how to play the guitar properly, do not rush. Even most how-to books, websites, apps, and teachers insist that you take it slow. When you observe the most famous guitarists of all time, you will quickly notice that they have one thing in common-a good technique. That means they take the time to apply all the basic requirements for playing good guitar. With that in mind, here are amazing tips for learning guitar lessons.

Playing It Correctly.

Guitar experts have over the centuries discovered the best way to play certain chords and scales or which fingers to play specific notes on the fretboard. At times you may discover a better way of playing this since you are a musical genius but never overlook the importance of the correct fingering. Correct fingering is about playing the chord and scale correctly and adding variations such as sevenths and ninths. Always concentrate on the proper holding position of fingers and pay attention to your hand’s position on the fretboard for scales.

Do not avoid difficult chords.

Many beginner guitarists always shy away from difficult chords such as a B minor chord. Such people find fingering too difficult and will use all sorts of transpositions to dodge the dreaded bar chord. If you would like to become the best guitarist, spend more time practicing on tricky chords. Use more of your energy to seek out these difficult chords and try to play them. Otherwise, they will become a barrier to your playing for the rest of your life.

Feel free to use a metronome

Playing the guitar to a click track can be challenging initially, but it offers a lot more advantages later. Using a metronome earlier in your career gives your sense of timing and rhythm an early boost. The key thing is not to stress yourself too much about it. Take your time. Ensure you set the beats per minute to a very slow rhythm. The idea here is to get used to playing at a steady tempo and in time. But do not rush this skill at the expense of learning technique.

Do not rush to play fast.

Never rush to learn how to play your guitar fast. The secret to good technique is using the correct fingering and hitting the right notes each time, especially when playing tricky bar chords and scales. First, pay attention to precise and accurate fingering. When you learn good technique in playing guitar, speed comes automatically. As a fact, fast fingering comes as a free bonus to reward your technique. So, play slowly and always take your time.

Rehearse while standing up and sitting down.

For a beginner guitarist, things are already difficult enough now without expecting you to roam around the room while playing. But you must note that if you want to be a professional guitarist, you will be required to play the guitar while standing in front of an audience one day. The truth is, playing the guitar while sitting is a different posture to playing it while slung across your shoulder. While sitting, you will tend to hunch over and see what your fingers are doing, but standing is different. Find a good guitar strap and practice playing guitar both ways.

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