How Are Fibreglass Pools Made?


Fibreglass swimming pools are renowned for their durability and aesthetic appeal. A popular choice amongst homeowners, fibreglass pools are renowned for their simple installation process and long-term cost-effectiveness. But how exactly are these sturdy structures created? Let’s delve into the fascinating process of how fibreglass swimming pools are made.

The Mould

The journey of a fibreglass swimming pool begins with the creation of a meticulously crafted mould. This mould serves as the blueprint, dictating the precise shape, size, and design of the pool. Crafted with utmost care, using only the finest materials, the mould guarantees a seamless and flawless finish, ensuring that every detail is perfected to create a pool of unparalleled beauty and functionality.

Gel Coat Application

The first step in the construction process is the application of a gel coat. This gel coat is a specially formulated type of resin that is rich in pigments. It is meticulously applied onto the mould, ensuring a seamless and smooth finish for the pool. Not only does it provide a flawless appearance, but it also imparts the desired colour, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the pool.

Matting and Resin

The next step in the process involves carefully applying fibreglass matting, which is saturated with resin. This crucial step, commonly referred to as ‘wetting out’, ensures that the resin fully penetrates the matting, creating a strong and resilient bond. Multiple layers of resin and matting are then meticulously applied, building upon each other to form a robust and durable structure that can withstand the test of time.

Reinforced Fibreglass

Next, a layer of high-quality reinforced fibreglass is meticulously applied to the pool structure. This additional step not only enhances the pool’s strength but also fortifies its ability to withstand the immense pressure exerted by the water and any external forces that may come into play. By meticulously reinforcing the pool with fibreglass, we ensure its longevity and durability, offering you peace of mind and enjoyment for years to come.

Quality Control

Once the fibreglass has completely cured and hardened, the pool enters a meticulous and rigorous quality control process. Expert inspectors meticulously examine every aspect of the pool, searching for even the slightest imperfections or weaknesses that could potentially pose problems in the future. This thorough examination ensures that the pool meets the highest standards of quality and durability, providing customers with peace of mind and ensuring long-lasting enjoyment of their Factory Pools Perth pool.


The final stage of the process involves meticulous preparation of the swimming pool for installation. Skilled professionals meticulously smooth out the pool’s surfaces, ensuring a flawlessly even finish. To guarantee the longevity of the pool, a carefully applied protective coat is added, safeguarding it against the test of time and ensuring years of enjoyment for its future owners.

Finding The Right Pool Builder

Selecting the right pool builder can make all the difference between a smooth, stress-free installation process and a prolonged, anxiety-ridden ordeal. It is advisable to research extensively and choose a company that has a solid reputation for quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Look for builders who are not only experienced but also hold relevant certifications. Check for reviews and testimonials from previous customers to get a sense of their track record.

It’s also crucial to ensure that the builder provides comprehensive services, from design and construction to aftercare. Communication should also be a vital consideration – a good pool builder will be open and transparent, keeping you in the loop at every stage of the process.

Lastly, a reputable pool builder will provide a clear and detailed quote, with no hidden costs. This will offer a realistic understanding of what the entire project will cost, helping you to budget effectively and ensure value for money. Remember, the cheapest quote may not necessarily be the best – quality and long-term durability should never be compromised.

Comparing Fibreglass Pools to Other Types

When compared to concrete and vinyl liner pools, fibreglass pools shine in several respects. Firstly, they have a quick installation process, usually taking just a few weeks, compared to several months with concrete pools. This can make a significant difference in how soon you can enjoy your pool.

Fibreglass pools also feature a nonporous surface, which not only makes them more resistant to algae growth but also reduces the need for harsh chemicals. In contrast, concrete pools have a porous surface, requiring more time and chemicals to keep clean.

In terms of durability, fibreglass pools have a distinct advantage over vinyl liner pools, which are prone to tears and can require costly liner replacements. On the other hand, the robust structure of fibreglass makes it highly resistant to wear and tear, offering a long-term cost-effective solution.

However, it’s important to note that while fibreglass pools come with many benefits, they do have limitations in terms of size and design options compared to concrete, which can be customised to any size or shape.

Each type of pool has its own set of pros and cons, but when it comes to ease of maintenance, installation speed, and durability, fibreglass pools often come out on top.

Maintenance and Upkeep of Fibreglass Pools

Fibreglass pools have distinct advantages due to their nonporous surface. They resist algae growth, reducing the need for continuous scrubbing and harsh chemicals. Weekly upkeep involves basic skimming, checking water chemistry, and running the filter system. However, fibreglass pools still require specific care. Maintaining correct water chemistry prevents surface discolouration and extends pool longevity. Using a pool cover protects against debris and reduces cleaning time. For long-term maintenance, occasional gel coat resurfacing every 8 to 10 years keeps the pool looking fresh. With proper care, a fibreglass pool remains aesthetically pleasing and functional for years.


Fibreglass swimming pools present a highly attractive option for those seeking a durable, low-maintenance solution for their aquatic leisure needs. With their quick installation process, robust structure, and longevity, they offer significant advantages over alternatives such as concrete and vinyl liner pools. While they may have limitations in terms of design flexibility, the ease of upkeep, combined with their long-term cost-effectiveness, makes them a valuable investment. By choosing an experienced and reputable pool builder, you can ensure a smooth installation process and enjoy years of fun, relaxation, and health benefits that a swimming pool provides.

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