The Benefits of Extra-Curricular Activities for Children


Extra-curricular activities give children the chance to explore who they are whilst giving them the opportunity to develop new skills. Most schools have an extensive list that they offer from sports to those that are more subject related. There are many benefits and reasons for why you should encourage your child to take up an extracurricular activity as an international school in London shares with us below.


As your child gets older, they will want to learn more about themselves and who they are. Extracurricular activities can help children with this by helping them to work out where it is that they fit in and test the waters.

Support for Working Parents

After school clubs offer working parents a helping hand whilst they make their way from work to collect their children. As they take place on school sites, they are Ofsted regulated and ensure that your child will be well looked after in the meantime. There’s no need to worry about your child getting to their friends’ or being picked up by the child minders. Better yet, they can do something educational during that time and receive teacher support.


Extra-curricular activities are usually made up of similar, like-minded children that have profound interests and like to spend time exploring them. This makes them the perfect place for your child to meet those that are just like them and make friends. Unlike in their lessons, children from any class can explore an extracurricular activity. This gives children the opportunity to meet new people and practice using their social skills.

Time Management

As with all activities, there’s commitment involved. Your child will need to keep to them as well as their usual responsibilities such as their homework and chores. Whilst this reduces the free time that they have available, it helps them to become more independent and learn how to prioritise them effectively which can only serve them well in later life.


Learning a new skill can be difficult and often take months or even years of perseverance to master. This can be a frustrating, yet rewarding, process that can teach your child many important lessons. As a result, they’ll become more patient, resilient, and determined – all qualities needed to be great and victorious.

Career Prospects

Thinking about what they enjoy and where their strengths lie can help children to think about their aspirations and the career that they would like to take up one day. By actively participating in an extracurricular activity, your child can also improve their prospects as they have more to show for their time in education. Usually, school leavers have very little that they can add to their CV as the majority of their time at school is spent studying and there are few opportunities that they can commit to. Extracurricular activities can give employers an idea as to what your child is like, what they are motivated by and the sort of work ethic that they have. All important things that they will need to know before taking them under their wing.

Extra-Curricular Activities Are Fun

Above all, extracurricular activities give children the chance to just be children and have fun. They can regularly socialise with others their age, experiment, play and enjoy themselves. Having that is essential for good mental health and overall wellbeing. It can also motivate them to go to school as they have more to look forward to which can in turn improve their attendance and performance.

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