Becoming an Informed Investor With the Online Trading Academy.


If you missed out on the original rush to purchase and invest in bitcoin, you are definitely not the only one. Since the advent of Takashi Sakamoto’s Bitcoin, the world of cryptocurrency has been turned entirely on its head. Once considered something of a niche section of the trading and finance world, crypto has become all-encompassing with banner advertisements, commercials, and press publications covering the topic at all times.

Nowadays, Online Trading Academy is looking to help students find the confidence and knowledge they need so that they can also take advantage of the cryptocurrency surge. While still a relatively new field of trading, Online Trading Academy is working hard to strip away some of the mystery.

Introducing Digital Assets

While digital assets are relatively new to the Online Trading Academy platform, they are far away from the first foray into trading education on the platform. OTA has made a name for itself over the past 25 years as a platform committed to preparing everyday traders and investors for the work ahead, focusing largely on mainstream trades.

With the rising popularity of Bitcoin and other crypto endeavors, it only makes sense that CO and Founder Eyal Shahar would want to change up their program. Shahar said of the decision to found OTA, “I founded this company nearly 25 years ago because the technology was enabling everyday investors direct access to the financial markets.”

Looking to echo his efforts of the past, OTA founder Shahar was excited to welcome a new Digital Assets course. Digital Assets encompass cryptocurrency as well as several other assets.

Merlin Rothfeld is the Senior Director in charge of OTA’s newest crypto education program. Rothfeld said, “It is exciting, but it can be very risky. People who are considering investing in digital assets must be prepared.”

Armed with the understanding that not everyone is a believer in the crypto sphere, Rothfeld was quick to shore up his confidence in the Digital Assets program. Rothfeld stated in his interview, “Whether you are a skeptic or a raging fan, cryptocurrencies and digital assets are transforming traditional, centralized models such as banking, healthcare, insurance, exchanges, and much more.”

Learn With Online Trading Academy

For more than 25 years, Online Trading Academy has acted as a breeding ground for quality investing techniques and educational support. Led by Shahar’s work for the past 25 years, Online Trading Academy hopes to bring investors into the modern era with their Digital Assets course fueled by Core Strategy Methodology.

At the time of this writing, Online Trading Academy has expanded into more than 30 education centers around the world, serving north of 850,000 total students along the way. The journey toward completion begins with a simple and free introductory course.

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