Yacht Captain Jobs: Five elements to look for when filling this position


For all yacht owners, recruiting a captain to oversee their most prized possession is a hugely important issue, comparable to hiring a company CEO.  This is the most important yacht crew job and is the person who will ensure that your yacht operates smoothly and safely at all times, that the crew is well managed and that your all-important charter guests are treated with the respect and professionalism they deserve. So how best to go about recruiting for a yacht captain job?

What is the best way to fill a vacant yacht captain job?


By far the easiest way to recruit for a yacht captain job is by using a professional and reputable recruitment agency which has far-reaching, global contacts, an in-depth knowledge of the industry and its key players, and whose staff fully understand and appreciate your requirements.

Of all the qualities and experience a captain needs, the following are the five key elements a professional recruitment agency will be looking for on a captain’s CV.

1.  Experience

When recruiting for a yacht captain job it is crucial that you find a captain that has a wide level of experience of the operation and safe navigation of yachts a similar size to yours, as well as boat handling skills in all conditions.  A captain must also have an understanding of legal and regulatory compliance, as well as experience in accounting and budget management.

2.  People Management Skills

Your yacht captain needs to have excellent personnel management skills. It’s vital that a captain is respected and admired, both among the crew and your charter guests, and that they create a friendly but professional atmosphere.  A captain is also responsible for any safety training of crew, and must be familiar with general safety codes.  It is also important that a captain is diplomatic, should any guests be difficult or unreasonable.

3.  Travel Experience

Your ideal captain needs to be knowledgeable of marinas in your charter regions, and must know the territory, being capable of planning the guests’ cruising itinerary and suggesting any interesting experiences they may enjoy. The ability to speak several languages will also be very useful for a yacht captain’s job.

4.  Mechanical Experience

Your yacht captain doesn’t need to be a mechanic, but does need to have a basic understanding of mechanical and engineering requirements, and how all the systems on board work, so that they can oversee the upkeep of the vessel and manage any necessary yacht refits and surveys.

5.  Crisis Management Experience

While it’s hoped that most charters will be plain sailing, if things do go awry, your captain needs to be unflappable and to show good judgement.  Should a guest have a medical emergency, for example, a captain must ensure they receive the correct treatment quickly, without putting anyone else’s safety  at risk.

It’s worth also remembering that your captain is a reflection of your yacht.  A captain needs to look the part, be charismatic with a ‘can do’ attitude, who is comfortable socializing with guests from all walks of life. These are all good qualities to look for when finding the right person to fill a vacant yacht captain job.

Good yacht captains are highly sought-after, so the easiest way to ensure you find the right captain for your yacht is to go through an experienced yacht crew recruitment agency, who have all the right contacts to seamlessly fill a vacant yacht captain job position and who understand all the demands of a luxury yacht charter.

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