Practicing Multiple Business Locations: Train The Trainer Approach


Integrating new technology into one business location is tough enough, however in multiple locations can appear just like a daunting task. But, this can be a necessity if you have selected a technology for use across the organization, regardless of the number of locations your company has. There’s a couple of ways the implementation and training can be treated. The choice you select depends largely about how tech savvy the employees (and just how much you have confidence in them to actually make use of the new technology).

Applying any new kind of technology, systems, or processes requires training the workers. If workers are not fully and adequately trained, then your clients are setting itself up to fail. So far as training employees on using the brand new technology, you will find three fundamental methods to ensure training is spread across the organization to any or all employees while using new technology: Train-the-Trainer, Hands-On Training, and Virtual Training. We’ll concentrate on Train-the-Training kind of training here.

Train-the-Trainer kind of training is a very common practice running a business when plenty of employees have to be trained on a single subject or system, and is among the best choices for training several business locations. A train-the-trainer product is when specific number of individuals (usually one individual from each department impacted by the modification) are trained around the new system or subject. These people go back and train everybody else within their departments in line with the requirements of individuals individuals and may spend more money one-on-once with employees and also require challenges grasping the brand new technology. They end up being the SMEs, or the topic Experts, around the subject or system. By doing this, when others within the department have questions, they are able to go the SME to obtain solutions.

This can help move communication, challenges, and training via a structured system that decreases confusion and limits the communication towards the mind trainer. If your trainer is bombarded with a lot of questions or communication concerning the new technology, a few of the questions may fall with the cracks and might not be clarified.

This technique likewise helps the mind trainer concentrate on specific needs for every department. If, for instance, a uses limited functionality from the new system, the mind trainer can tailor working out for that specific needs for that SME for your department. There’s no sense in training employees on functionality that they’ll not use.

Oftentimes the organization will be sending the SMEs they’ve selected to 1 convenient location to get working out. The SME then returns and setups up group trainings with every department in line with the requirements of that department. This can be a significantly less time-consuming process since the SME has already been for the reason that location and may deal with the schedules of employees that require working out.

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