Importance of Numbers in Real life


Numbers play an important role in day to day life in every situation we face. Almost all the things we do every day involve numbers and Mathematics. There are many numbers directly or indirectly correlated to our lives. Whether you recognize it or not, our life spins in numbers in some or the other ways, from the first day that we are born. For example, the identity of a person is known and starts with the date of birth and time as well. These things are generally declared in the form where numbers are involved. Even in our day to day life numbers are used in all types of transactions such as money.

Mathematics is an important subject which goes only on numbers and plays a vital role almost in every field. Numbers are as crucial as the alphabet, and without it, our life may remain standstill.  Events recorded for reference and remembering in future include numbers in the form of day, month and year. In every aspect of our life, numbers appear in different ways.

Even in computers also, the languages include numbers to convert the given inputs from decimal to binary. Hence, in science and technology also numbers have their own significance.

Numbers have a unique effect on us, and this is a well-known fact. The following are some scenarios of our daily life where numbers play a crucial role to accomplish the desired ones:

  • We are using mobile or landline to call a member of a family, relative or a friend.
  • We are writing a note of our daily budget for our food, transportation, bills and other expenses.
  • Telling time you employed on a specific task or work or in a school.
  • Numbers appear in buying fruits, vegetables, meat, chicken, and others in the market in terms of kilograms.
  • Cooking or anything that involves the concept of proportion and percentage also includes numbers.
  • Buttons while using the elevators to arrive on different floors in the building.
  • When we look at the price of discounted items in a shopping mall, again we are dealing with numbers.
  • Several likes for a post in any social media platform is another example.
  • While switching from one channel to another in a TV using a remote, numbers are used.

Importance of numbers is not limited to only real life scenarios but also has a significant role in mathematics. Here, numbers are bones for any type of operation to be performed. Especially in the number system while converting from one form to another such as decimal to hex conversion, numbers are the only tools which we can use. Apart from the number system, other concepts such as averages, ages, percentages, interest calculations, mensuration, etc., deal with numbers along with some special operations.

In real life, including the transaction-related activities, achievements or downgrades can also be measured using numbers. These things help us in building our confidence and make ourselves secure. We can count them, fix them, accumulate them, and keep track of them. The more success we can count up, the better we feel. The number of failures made us feel sad about ourselves, which turns into moodiness, hostility and depression.

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