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5 Skills every Java Programmer should know

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As both an ecosystem and a programming language, Java has been attracting thousands of people every year. Moreover, with the Java certification course and other resources such as articles, books, and tutorials, learning Java has never been more accessible.

However, with so many easily accessible resources, there’s a downside that most beginners don’t know where to start and what to learn next. And what about keeping your skills relevant? What’re the ways to update your Java skills to match the industry requirements and trends?

As you are starting with Java programming here are 5 skills every Java programmer should know:

  1. Learn architecture and software design

Software design and architecture are among the most important phases of software development. Being able to see the big picture will help you decide the right architecture and technology to solve the problem. This is a crucial skill, not just a Java developer, but any software developer must have to implement your app.

  1. Learn containers and DevOps tools

Having an excellent knowledge of DevOps is essential for a modern Java developer. You should at least know how with Jenkins, you can achieve continuous integration and deployment. Having such knowledge is more important for more experienced Java developers as they are often responsible for building scripts, guidelines, setting best coding practices.

  1. Learn Spring Framework

Learning Spring Framework is almost imperative nowadays. Most companies prefer to develop applications using Spring Frameworks like Spring MVC, Spring Cloud, and Spring Boot. Thus, most reputed institutes have included the knowledge and practice of Spring Framework in Java course.

  1. Learn APIs and Libraries

Have you ever gotten a chance to work alongside the star Java developers in your company? Their knowledge of the Java Ecosystem and APIs forms a great part of their Java development skills. You must be aware that Java is the world’s most popular programming language. And you will find numerous libraries and APIs available to program almost everything possible.

Of course, knowing all of them would be almost impossible and you are not expected to do that as well. However, you should be familiar with some key JSON and XML processing APIs as well as Unit testing libraries.

  1. Learn design patterns

When you write a Java application from scratch, you write object-oriented code most of the time. The object-oriented code and design patterns are tried and tested ways of problem-solving. Incorporating design patterns into your code not only your application more flexible but also improves overall code quality. This will help other Java developers to understand your solution and update the code in the future rather easily.

You can develop and improve your Java programming skills on your own by working on the above skills. However, having a Java certification from a reputed institute will create more job opportunities as a professional Java developer.

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