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Due to the outbreak of contagious diseases like covid-19 that affected the whole world, most schools and parents took the initiative of finding online tutors for their children so that their learning continued smoothly even amid the pandemic. For the teaching to be effective online, the tutor should have good character and principles. Below are the characteristics of an excellent online tutor.

Experience and expertise

The online tutor should know and understand the topics and subjects they are teaching online. Online tutors like chemistry tutors teaching subjects that require good teaching should have a deep understanding to ensure their students grasp and understand the concepts. An experienced tutor will plan and pace the sessions according to the student’s performance.

Flexible and patient

No student’s level of understanding is equal to the other; hence, the online should be able to adapt according to the student’s level of performance. The tutor should be able to set attainable goals depending on the type of student. He should be patient with slow learning students to avoid discouraging them, which may lead them to lose interest in learning.

Discuss with parents the student’s progress

Tutoring is not just about engaging in discussion sessions but also identifying students’ weaknesses and strengths. The tutor should engage with the parents to discuss the students’ progress in learning and requirements. The conversations can be short discussions after each lesson s through text or a call. This will keep the parent informed about their children’s progress and know how to encourage them.

Should be able to create a rapport with all the students

The difference between online tutors and teachers is that online tutors have a chance to create a relationship with their students personally. Online tutors UK work on a more personal level with their students, which allows them to get to know and understand each other better. Creating a rapport with the student allows the tutor to know the strengths and weaknesses of the student. The student will also quickly learn, understand, and ask the tutor questions on different concepts.

Energetic and fun

Learning does not mean putting on a serious face and an authoritative tone. An energetic and fun online tutor will be able to capture the students’ attention, preventing them from missing important points. An enthusiastic online tutor will keep the student engaged, inspiring the students’ active interest in learning to discourage bad grades and discouragement.

Openness and maturity

An open online tutor is more approachable and comfortable to talk to. A student can communicate his needs to an honest tutor, making it easy for the tutors to develop strategies well-fitted with the student’s needs and weaknesses. A mature online tutor is more trustworthy to both the student and the parent and a good role model to the student.

Tutoring is an excellent way to improve and develop students’ academic performance and nurture their interest in learning. Tutoring lets students quickly understand a concept and be familiar with the tutors’ teaching. Students undertaking online tutoring are more likely to perform better since the tutor focuses on one or a small group of students allowing them to give each student attention.

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