10 Ways to Make Your Uni Accommodation Comfortable


Going to University is a brand-new stage of life that is exciting and scary at the same time. It comes bundled along with various new experiences, such as moving out.

It can be a huge responsibility to have to regulate yourself, not just academically, but also take charge of your daily needs at home.

There is so much to a iniversity experience, from going to classes and handling the coursework to meeting new people and managing your social life.

Amidst getting settled in, learning the ropes, and orienting yourself, your uni accomodation will become a sanctuary.

It is the place where you relax and recharge, where you can take comfort in being yourself, and bask in the warmth of being at home away from home.

Thus, it is of the utmost importance that you make your uni room as cozy and comfortable as possible.

Whether you are an introvert who will be spending most of your time in your room, or an extrovert who may want your room just as a place to crash, your room is a special place. It is the space that you will store all your memories, the old and the new.

Plush Up Your Bed

The most crucial aspect of your room, you will rapidly find, is your bed. It is where you will spend the most time resting and taking comfort.

When I say that, I do not just mean to sleep. However, that is a critical part, as well. Your bed will be the most significant safe zone you will have.

As such, it should be the focus of your attention when it comes to making your room comfortable. Make sure to equip your bed with the best pillow, numerous soft blankets and plushies.

Throw in Some Pillows

When you have the space and money for it, try to fill your room with throw pillows. Make sure to pay special attention to your bed when you do.

Having these condensed balls of fluff in your proximity will help to make your space warm and cozy.

They also come with the bonus of giving you something to hug or beat up when you are feeling sad or stressed out.

Open a Private Gallery

It is unlikely that you can paint your room walls, especially if you live in campus accommodation.

However, that does not mean that your walls must be empty. You can reserve one wall (or more) to use as your private gallery.

Put up posters and pictures of your friends and family from home. As time goes by, you can slowly add images of your time in university, bringing into your living area the friends and memories that you have newly made.

There are many fun ways of doing this. One way of making your gallery look aesthetically pleasing is by putting polaroids up on a string. You can use fairy lights to spice it up too.

A Touch of Nature

Keep your room from being stuffy or claustrophobic by bringing the outside insider. Introduce a hint of green by getting a potted plant or some flowers.

If you are a beginner or are worried about not having enough time to care for indoor plants, succulents are a good choice.

Not only will you have a living thing helping to brighten up your room, but a plant can also add to the oxygen levels in your room, cleaning the air and keeping the space feeling fresh.

You can also choose to plant pleasant-smelling plants such as lemongrass or mint.

Good Lighting

Lighting is very important, especially if you find yourself needing to stay up at night. Typical fluorescent lights may not be the ideal choice, even if they do help to keep you awake when burning the midnight oil.

Always try to incorporate natural light if possible. Otherwise, be sure to have some mood lighting to make your room feel soft and warm.

You should also get some good curtains that can simulate a dark night even when it is glaringly bright outside. After all, you do not know when you might need a restful nap to recharge.

Warm Up Your Floor

Make your floor comfortable and warm by adding a rug. This is an easy way to exhibit your personality, as well.

You can go for neutral earth tones or pastel colours. Or, try psychedelic patterns or rainbow rugs.

There are many varieties of rugs online, which makes it easy for you to decorate your room however you like.

Comfy Seating

While you will undoubtedly have a good chair for sitting at your desk, you should also have a separate seat just for relaxing.

Whether it is a bean bag chair, an armchair, or just a bundle of blankets on the floor, make sure there is a place for you to sit that is not near your workspace.

Preparing comfortable seating in your room will not just come to your benefit. You may have friends come over for group assignments or to hang out. Do not leave them with hard and uncomfortable chairs.

Keep Organised

To keep a positive mindset at uni, you should keep your room neat and tidy. This cuts down on time spent cleaning up or scrambling around to find misplaced items. Having an organised living space means that you can easily navigate the area.

Therefore, you should have cupboards and drawers that help to keep your things organised. After all, you will be keeping a lot of stuff in your room, from food to clothes to books and homework.

Limit Your Workspace

Make no mistake about it; you are at uni to work hard. At the same time, you are also there to gain new experiences and enjoy this transitional period. All work and no play are just ridiculous.

Whether or not you end up spending most of your working time in your room, it is always good to have a dedicated workspace.

However, this workspace should ideally be delineated from your living space. Make it so that when you enter or leave your workspace, your mindset changes accordingly.

That way, you will never feel like your room is a forbidding place.

A Sense of Home

While your room is a space only for you, you will also want to have aspects of your own home about it.

You don’t have to start from scratch when decorating your room. It is always a good idea to have pieces of your home in this space, especially since university can be an intimidating experience.

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