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Canada is one of the most sought-after countries for students all across the globe for higher education. Manitoba offers world-class education to its students and is home to renowned scholars, state-of-the-art facilities, and tailor-made programs, which are extremely attractive. Being an international student means being away from home. However, The Arc Residences, luxury housing for students in Winnipeg aims to provide the students with a home away from home. Apart from having a place that feels like home, other things make Manitoba a great place.

Gorgeous Weather

The landscape consists of grasslands and hills. This is a contributing factor to the weather. Manitoba experiences over 100 days of winters. However, it can get really warm during the summers, with temperatures rising up to 38 degrees. During the spring season, the sky is clear and sunny. All the varying seasons can be experienced and thoroughly enjoyed while living in Manitoba.

Experience the Canadian Courtesy

The Canadians are known across the globe for their kindness, politeness, and courtesy. The people here are believers in firm handshakes and are formal to the visitors. They are bound to make you feel at home from winters to spring.

Healthcare for Students

The healthcare for international students is covered in the tuition fees. Some institutions also provide their students with a health card and a list of healthcare providers who would accept it. The healthcare of MB doesn’t cover international students.

Scholarship programs for international students

Studying abroad is an expensive affair. Hence, different institutions offer scholarships. It is usually offered in four different categories – Board of Governors Entrance, International Baccalaureate, Automatic Consideration/Advanced Placement, and Scholarship through applications. You can always google to know more about these scholarship programs.

Study Visa

Visas and permits are compulsory for all international students. Usually, on arrival, temporary resident permits are issued. This allows the students to work for a specific number of hours. It is always best that students apply for the permit early.

The structure of the degree

The main reason for coming out all the way to Canada is to study, so special attention needs to be paid to the course. The structure of the degree you are undertaking might differ from one institution to another. This is also the case with degree programs, as they all differ. When you are applying for a course, it is essential that you know the requirements of the program you are planning to undertake.

Experience the Culture

Manitoba is a gorgeous city that breathtaking landscapes have surrounded. It is one of the few places in the world from where you can see the Northern Lights. Being home to people of various cultures, there are over 200 languages that are spoken here. It is a peaceful province with hate crimes and acts of discrimination being rare. Hence, making it a safe haven for international students. The warmth and politeness of the people will make you feel instantly welcomed. The rights of the students are protected.

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