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Here Are Top Reasons Why You Should Use Your Swimming Pool As Much As You Can In Summer!

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It is a well-known fact that swimming regularly can be great not just for the body but also for your mind as well. Taking a dip into your swimming pool can often do wonders for improving your health. Swimming is unlike other types of cardio exercises like running and biking because it involves the entire body. Swimming can help you in burning a lot of calories and help you in building stronger muscles, lungs, and heart. It can also be a great stress reliever, and it can do wonders for your mind. Following is a list of reasons which can give you the motivation to start using your pool as much as you can in the summer season.

1. Presents a fitness opportunity the family can do together

Swimming can be a great activity that a family can practice together to stay fit, and it can also be quite fun. Exercising in your own backyard in the summers can be especially motivating, more so when the whole family can do it together. Water is known to provide 800 times more resistance than air, so working out in the water will make your muscles work extra hard. Wading or playing volleyball in the pool can help you engage different systems of the body. This can be a good substitute for a full-body workout, and it can help you burn more calories than a regular workout session.

2. For hosting summer pool parties

If you want to host a summer gathering in your house, there is no better place to hold it than around the pool. A summer afternoon can be a great time for a poolside party where the guests can enjoy the cool water, bask in the sun, and enjoy great food. It can prove to be a great alternative to a traditional summer house party. You can invite your friends and family over for a poolside brunch and encourage them to bring their bathing suits along. Hanging out by the pool and enjoying the summer with your favourite people can be a great summertime swimming pool activities.

3. Improves flexibility

Swimming can also be great for improving your flexibility. When you are swimming across the pool, each stroke helps in stretching out your body and making your muscles more flexible. It also allows you to bend the body in ways it does not normally move throughout the day. It has been found that a flip turn during freestyle swimming will make you flexible enough to do more than 100 flips during a 2000 meter run.

4. Encourages you to spend quality time with family without distractions

You should use your swimming pool every day as it allows families to spend uninterrupted time together. Swimming can be a great stress reliever and playing with your family in the pool can be a great distraction from other things in life. You can try to hold game parties in the pool or play volleyball with the kids. Setting aside some pool time in your day will strengthen your bond with the family and promote togetherness.

5. Improves Sleep

Swimming is a great workout for the entire body, and the resultant fatigue can help you sleep better. There have been many studies that suggest that you can release a lot of tension by floating or swimming in water. This can help you achieve a calmer state which will make you sleep much quicker. With better sleep during the night, your productivity throughout the day will increase significantly. Swimming in your backyard pool every day will be great for your body and mind, and you will wake up feeling refreshed every day.

6. Excellent Cardio Exercise

Swimming in your pool regularly can also be a great cardio exercise. Swimming is a form of aerobic activity that not only engages the cardiovascular system but also strengthens it. Regular land-based cardio exercises like running and jogging can only be done for a set period of time. Swimming, on the other hand, can be done for a longer period as it is a form of low-impact exercise that can help you in improving your cardiovascular health.

7. Beneficial for your mental health

There are many ways regular swimming can benefit your physical as well as mental health. Whenever you feel stressed or bogged down in life, it can often prove to be difficult to get out of it and find the motivation to do the regular things. Swimming can be a great activity in this situation as it is known to be a stress reliever. Besides, swimming regularly helps you in maintaining some form of discipline in your life. Sticking to a disciplined routine is very important for your mental health as it will keep you motivated to accomplish the tasks you set out to complete.

8. Low Impact Exercise

Swimming regularly is a great form of exercise for those who prefer low-impact exercises. Swimming in water is known to put lesser stress on your joints, ligaments, and muscles as compared to other land-based exercises. The impact on the body is minimal, as a result of which you can do longer workouts and more repetitions. It is a great alternative for athletes who want to recuperate from an injury, as the zero gravity of the water prevents them from putting stress on their muscles.

9. Meditation

Swimming can also provide you with an escape from the world, which can help you in achieving a meditative state. The positive effects of swimming as a stress reliever are widely known. In addition to relieving stress, swimming lets you stay grounded in the moment and prevents you from getting distracted. It is a form of moving meditation that can transport you to a happy place by reducing anxiety and stress.

10. Encourage children to learn to swim early

Having a swimming pool in your backyard will encourage the children to swim regularly. By swimming regularly, children will learn to get comfortable with swimming at an earlier age. Once the children understand swimming, they will be able to learn water safety as well.


These reasons will give you the necessary motivation to use your swimming pool regularly in the summer. It has been found that swimming can add years to your life. According to a study, swimming regularly can be helpful in reducing one’s chances of premature death. Remember to incorporate swimming into your daily routine in order to lead and healthy and happy life.

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