Five Ways A Dual Diploma Is Better Than Single Diploma


University degrees usually focus on providing extensive theory-based knowledge, but it may not guarantee the career that you’re hoping for. On the contrary, if you want education that has real-world implications and ensures instant employability, look into getting a diploma.

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A dual diploma equips you with a combination of theory and practical skills that you can apply in your professional life.

You get to study the common units of both degrees together while separate and unique courses can be managed individually. Doing two distinct degrees can be time-consuming, but a dual diploma can effectively expand your knowledge base. It can equip you with the best of both subjects at the same time!

At MCI, we offer a variety of dual business certification programs that can give you professional knowledge over both subjects, with minimal time and resources. For example, students who are taking a business certification program often find it’s a good idea to enroll in the human resources certification programs as well. So they can take on a few additional units, like competency or workplace management.

Let’s see how dual diploma courses can make you stand out:

Gives You A Competitive Edge Over Others

When you apply for jobs, the employer is looking to hire a candidate that can multi-task and can bring more to the table than the job description asks for. Candidates that show expertise and understanding over a variety of skills and can showcase initiative and a desire to achieve are usually the top picks for companies.

A dual qualification can also impress hiring managers because it’s a demonstration of your ability to manage your time and deadlines efficiently. It shows the world that you are not afraid to take up the daunting task of managing two diplomas. So, all in all, it increases your value as an employee.

For example, a dual diploma in Human Resource Management and Business will not only make you proficient in managing the workforce and developing practical performance skills. It will also give you the upper-hand of introducing new business ideas that align with the business’s existing values and aims.

Explores Your Learning Potential

It can be a daunting task to choose a single educational path when you’re not entirely sure of what you want to do. It only becomes more apparent once you explore your potential and see where your enthusiasm and passion lie.

Not only will a double diploma help you acquire various skills, but you’ll also successfully ascertain your career path.

Therefore, doing a dual diploma will provide you with the opportunity to tap into your interests and experiment with various roles at the workplace. For instance, a dual diploma in Human Resource Management and Business can put you in a supervisory position, an advisory role, or give you the skills needed to be a life coach!

You can gain knowledge and practical skills that can be applied to any industry. Managerial positions within companies are always open to hiring people that are passionate about learning.

Expertise Over A Variety Of Topics

A dual diploma gives you opportunities to learn many skills at a time. You’ll be more confident in your abilities and inclined to take up bigger challenges at the workplace by the end of the course. It will also enable you to communicate clear and concise information on a variety of topics.

In addition to teaching you multiple educational skills, studying a dual diploma course will also provide you with the ability to tackle a wide variety of tasks at the same time. In short, it will not only teach you time management but also hone your ability to multitask.

An HR management course can also teach you essential skills that can be used in any field of work. For example, employee engagement, performance management, and leadership skills are all values that are necessary for both personal and professional growth.

For example, you’re interested in opening your own business; a business certification program can equip you with everything you need to know about the changing market trends. And if you make it a double diploma in business and business administration, you’ll have a robust knowledge base that’ll amplify your success as an entrepreneur.

Later on, you can add a Human Resource Management course to your repertoire to help you prepare for partnerships, negotiations, business relationships, and international economics.

Time and Cost-Efficient

The best thing about diplomas is that you don’t need to spend 3-4 years at a university and can efficiently complete your education in a year. So if you’re burdened with domestic or financial responsibilities, but still want to learn, doing a dual diploma is the right choice.

Since dual diplomas require less time commitment and can be done online as well, the pressure of assignments is significantly reduced. With adequate planning and support, you can achieve a realistic balance of work, family, and social life.

Also, consider the fact that the diploma in HRM and the diploma in Business courses have shared units.  So with a dual diploma, you only have to clear the 13 courses in total, instead of studying 17 separate courses.

Besides, undergraduate degrees are costly, especially if you opt for a double or a joint degree. On average, universities in Australia charge thousands of dollars in course fees alone. On the other hand, a diploma fee costs less than half of that.

You can easily get a dual diploma, instead of getting buried in debt to get a university degree. Because a dual diploma makes use of common resource materials, printing costs would also be considerably lowered.

A dual diploma also allows you to be productive. Instead of wasting time and resources in classrooms, the same resources could be used efficiently in revising tasks and completing assignments. The extra time can also help you focus your energies on other aspects, helping you absorb and retain information more effectively.

Just like university degrees, diplomas also have scholarship options or government schemes that can help you financially if you’re unable to pay the fee at any given time.

Moreover, dual diplomas can be completed in a much shorter period as compared to the time it would take you to get a university degree. This means you can enter the workforce earlier and reap benefits sooner.

Greater Flexibility

In today’s world, you need to hone a variety of skillset and the alibility to adapt to changes at your workplace. Especially in times of a global pandemic when job opportunities are relatively low.

People are struggling to take up any job that they can find. In times like these, it is essential to be equipped with dual competencies to enhance your chances of getting employed.

Rapid, extraordinary changes in the modern work environment are quickly becoming the norm. You don’t want to find yourself in a position of only being able to do the job that is no longer required or has modified with time.

To adapt in a way that is useful for you and your work, keep your options open with different choices of work. For instance, pairing your business education with human resources certification programs can pave newer career opportunities for you – and possibly give you a renewed professional direction!

With a double diploma, you can seamlessly integrate into different areas of expertise with ease and efficiency, allowing you to grow and adapt to changes.

In Conclusion

With a dual diploma, you don’t have to worry about having the time and money to get higher education. MCI offers the most feasible double diploma opportunities for you to build your expertise and add value to your skills as an employee.

Click here to learn more about our diploma in Human Resource Management and also check out the diploma in Business courses. In case of any questions or concerns, get a free course advisory session here.

If you are passionate about learning and entering the workforce with a variety of skillsets, choosing a double diploma instead of a single will be a better decision.

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