5 Virtual Learning Tips For High Schoolers


Today’s parents, have to explore new ways of navigating learning models for their children. Technological advancement provides handy solutions through the internet. However, the shift from the regular classroom to learning from home is a challenging task.

Many schools have also had to embrace online instructions and interactions to facilitate learning among their students. Successful online instruction is exemplified by private high school in Burlingame, CA where learners and exhaustively involved in learning activities.

Tips for successful online classes

  1. Designate a study space

Online classes can happen anywhere so long as there’s internet connectivity. However, a downside to online classes is that it is potential for distractions.  A student following classes from the living room can hardly concentrate.

Learning needs a conducive environment free from noise, movements, and other distractions. You can designate a classroom area within the home where the students can attend their lessons.  If you have children of varying ages, you can prepare different school zones for each of them.

 A simple portioning with a heavy curtain of soft boards can help you achieve separate learning spaces.

  1. Access appropriate gear

Effective online classes require appropriate earbuds and earphones. Headsets come with microphones that help to filter out noise. Clarity is mandatory for online classes because students engage in verbal participation.

Headphones enhance audibility allowing the student to comprehend lessons. You can consult your school administrators in the acquisition of hearing aids or check with charitable organizations in your locality.

  1. Healthy breaks are mandatory

Typically, in school, learning happens within a time-tabled schedule where there are class bells to mark the end of learning and the beginning of breaks.

However, while learning from home, breaks can be forgotten. Therefore, the parent must remind students to go out and relax.  The student can set an alarm to remind them to take tea or a lunch break. Following this routine can help create another for online learning. Breaks help one to relax while walking around facilitates blood circulation in the body.

  1. Rise and walk around

Learning is an involving activity. Additionally, online classes can encourage a sedentary life because everything happens in the comfort of the seat.               Encourage your children to get out of their learning area, walk out and take some physical activities. You can get them a ball to help them become active.

Exercise improves mood, exudes confidence, and prevents burnout. Engaging in exercises boosts overall health in learners.

  1. Reach out for help

A teenager may find online learning fun or boring depending on the difference in personality. It can be easy for some high schoolers and a daunting task for others. When in doubt about their involvement, reach out for help. Handling teenagers can be challenging.

On the other hand, teenagers may find it hard to ask for assistance.  Consult their teachers to find out how you can assist your child while learning online. If you think their social life is deteriorating You can check any social groups in your neighborhood or create one. Further, you can create learning peer groups to enhance online lessons.

Online learning is a timely intervention in circumstances that limit physical appearance and participation in learning. Preparation is a primary requirement for effective study time.

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