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Why SIAM Professional for your business?

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SIAM Professional Certification training helps when you-

Want to lower costs of production.

Want to learn more about your products and services so that you get what you really need for these from your suppliers.

Want to set the context for your own supply chain from the learning gained during the training course.

Knowlathon’s SIAM Professional certification training lets you do all that and more!

Do you know the ingredients, components, or parts that are used to make the products/services your company sells? Do you know how much each piece costs? You should, because this information is vital in helping you select and keep your suppliers. And this happens only when you know your products/services really well. Attending a SIAM Professional certification training helps you get to know your products and services and how to control the supply chain to reduce the costs of creating them.

How SIAM Professional Trainings help

Suppose it is your company. You are adding up the costs a product is taking up. You realize that the product is costing more, and to sell it to the market, a price higher than the usual market price has to be set. The product turns out costlier to the market than other competing similar products. You decide to find out why. On further study, you find that there are 2 suppliers who are supplying similar components. Each is charging more than the standard price for that component. You can clearly see where the money is going into the product. And that on better control over your supply chain, you can reduce the associated costs of that product, and create it to appeal to the market. Your aim is to produce a rightly priced product for the market. You have to select the right supplier for that. SIAM Professional certification trainings help you to gain the right skills to control your company’s supply chain.

Remember, the costs are adding up a bit too much. Hence, the product is not profitable. The reason lies in the supply chain. There are two suppliers for the same component. They are both charging higher. This needs a project. A SIAM Professional takes charge of the scene. They recommend a service integrator to take care of individual suppliers and their services/products. SIAM is needed to correct the situation. Detailed work is to be put in. This involves studying the product, its contents, their costs, the suppliers who supply these contents, and the price the market is ready to pay for the product. Suppliers have to be selected. Negotiations for a profitable quote are then done. This makes up the control over the supply chain. Remember, the product has to be right for the market. Communication with the supplier is key. A SIAM Professional can handle this.

The SIAM Professional does make a difference to the company. They lead the project. They select an integrator by helping the company study all the factors involved. They advocate SIAM and help to contract a single supplier. Based on the study, they help bring down the cost of production. This helps the company pitch the right price to the market. This was crucial, otherwise a whole lot of customers would have been lost. So, SIAM is helpful to the business. SIAM Professional certified people help lead projects. They are capable of great communication and are detail oriented. They make a difference in such situations. Remember, a profitable product/service is the end goal. SIAM Professionals can take you there.

The Nitti grittiest of the training course

SIAM Professional certification trainings are backed by EXIN. The training course runs according to a set syllabus. The course outline is meant to accommodate the supply chain scenarios most businesses throughout the world encounter. You will be able to clearly see why your business needs SIAM. Also, you will begin to see the benefits of having SIAM Professional certified people in your team. Every person who attends the training as well gets an EXIN accredited certificate on passing the SIAM Professional certification exam. That is to validate your skills across the globe. The training material serves a general image of a business trying to consolidate its supply chain. You just have to apply the learnings to your own case.

Knowlathon has been since long, a provider of SIAM Professional certification trainings. Maybe you are looking to certify yourself. Or maybe, you are looking for a training to cover a whole team. Either ways, Knowlathon is just the training service provider you were looking out for. Knowlathon offers a whole repertoire of courses ranging from SIAM to Lean to DevOps and Agile. A number of ready discounts and offers always run on their website. So make sure you check them out at knowlathon and make the most of every possible opportunity to up skill yourself and your company. Learning is a must before Leading, so make sure you don’t miss out on the chance!

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