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What is the DELE exam, and how can it help you in your career

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The DELE exams (Diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language) help you to obtain an official diploma that is valid internationally. It is perfect to improve your curriculum and your professional opportunities, opting for that position you have always wanted. It is also very interesting for the employer or professional, as they can extend their relations at an international level.

The DELE diploma certifies the student’s command of the Spanish language and degree of competence. They are awarded by the Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education. It guarantees that the student is qualified in relation to the linguistic competences in which he or she has taken the exam.

In other words, it is a completely valid and verifiable diploma, with great prestige in most parts of the world.

Not only will it be recognized by any recruiter when applying for a new job, but also by institutions related to the private or public education field, in chambers of commerce and practically all companies.

What does the DELE test evaluate?

The DELE exam is composed of up to 6 different levels depending on the mastery of the Spanish language.

It’s usually made up of four parts. However, depending on the level of the student, there will be more or less advanced tests.

The objective will be the same: we will proceed with the evaluation of the student’s reading and  listening comprehension, tests will be established to determine students’ level of written expression and interaction, and their level of expression and social interaction.

We can find 6 levels of DELE diplomas:

-DELE A1: This is the simplest type of certification, which certifies that the student will be able to use simple Spanish language in normal or emergency situations. It is also known as access level.

-DELE A2: The level A2 proves that the candidate can understand Spanish phrases and expressions, as well as those that can be used in everyday life; for example, to give information about oneself or one’s family environment, when shopping, carrying out one’s professional activity, visiting points of interest, etc. It is also known as platform level.

-DELE B1: proves that the candidate can understand texts at a basic level, in relation to leisure, work, activities or experiences. It is a threshold level.

-DELE B2: is the advanced level and accredits that the user who has so much command of the language as to interact in general situations, even to talk about technical subjects.

-DELE C1: is a very advanced level (of Effective Operational Proficiency) which certifies that the user can express himself fluently and use the language for social, professional or academic purposes. Students would also be able to create clear texts, with a logical structure.

-DELE C2: finally, this level of mastery proves that the student has sufficient linguistic competence to get by in all kinds of situations with great precision.

Considering the importance of the DELE exam, it is time to prepare yourself properly to pass it.

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