College VS Anxiety and Depression


The infographic below, Managing the College Stress Epidemic, offers an eye-opening summary of stress at the higher education level, including a breakdown of symptoms, triggers, and possible treatment opportunities. It is an essential read for college students, new students, and parents alike.

Most schools are well informed of the prominence of stress among students and do their part by offering a wide variety of programs focused on prevention and treatment.

As well as seeking help from the school, individuals can also take it upon themselves to do little things to overcome stress. Starting with getting adequate sleep every night contributes a lot toward fighting stressors, and yet is something that is not a priority for most students. Sleep, fitness, and nutrition not only alleviate strain, but they can also lead to better overall physical health — which can be the key difference between educational failure and success.

Another important reason to focus on good coping techniques: Students all too often turn to negative coping techniques that ultimately make the problem of stress worse. Much worse. Extreme alcohol consumption, illegal drug use, and unprotected romantic affairs are just three ways students can damage their lives in order to relieve stress.

A great start to staying positive, healthy, and keeping stress at bay is to continue reading below.

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